What do kids love to do the most? PLAY! Our kids’ carnival games are fun for children of all ages. Inject some fun into your next event and take it to the next level. Barrels of Fun Amusements offer creative carnival games that bring fun for children of all ages. We continue to design creative carnival games and well-loved activities with the quirkiness and quality that our customers have come to value! 

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Send your paratrooper skyrocketing out of the top of a launcher, then free-falling from 20 feet up high! 

The objective is to launch the frog into a small table top pond! If it lands on a lily pad, you win!

Roll the bees up the board and watch them tumble down a bumpy landscape in hopes of landing in one of their beehive homes!

A big happy faced clown with a very large mouth! Kids get to try and knock out his teeth! The teeth can be removed and kids can instead feed Bonzo!

 Carnival Games 

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Kids love to toss the wiffle balls to try and land on a colored pit! Match your color wiffle ball to the same color pit to score and win!

The monkeys are hungry! Toss bananas into the monkey's mouths to feed them and win!

Colorful plastic balls are sent floating up to a scenic backdrop while kids attempt to pop them down with Nerf foam darts!

Toss eggs in through the barn window and watch the hen shoot out eggs into her basket! Hilarious fun.

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Enjoy our life sized game of Angry Birds using a giant sling shot and plush birdies! Knock down the pigs and score!

Aim and blastoff the pigs across the farm and into the pig pen! Each colorful pig actually grunts when squeezed! Hilarious!

We've taken a traditional game to a whole new level! Realistic battery operated bass and tropical fish swim around in our rustic style pond. Lure them in with real fishing poles!

Toss large popcorn balls into the popcorn cart and aim to get them in the giant popcorn box! Don’t tip it over or you’ll spill out all the popcorn!

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These playful bunnies are ready for their favorite snack! Kids get to toss carrots into the bunnies's hungry mouths!

With pegs, blocks and other eccentric shapes, kids delight in seeing the wooden marble plinks its way to the bottom!

 Field Games & Activities 


We offer athletic and sport type games and activities that provide loads of recreational fun! These games are best played outdoors or in large areas. 

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Have giant fun with this 40" inflatable soccer ball for active sport play! Comes with 2 over-sized soccer goals!

Authentic style target board for archery fun! Kids use a Nerf crossbow to hit into the target.  Safe for children 4 to 12 years with supervision.

Our jumbo inflatable bowling set takes this sport to a whole new level! It's a great way to get kids moving! The bowling pins are 3ft tall!

This is one fun, ridiculously quirky game! Test your agility, coordination and balance as your team

races to the finish with HUMONGOUS FEET!

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Mini golf is a sport that everyone can enjoy! Our courses have tricky obstacles with hills, jumps and tunnels and is great fun for kids and adults!

Uses compressed air to pop off and launch plastic soda bottles up to 30 feet in the air! Land your bottle rocket in a bucket landing station to win. Adult supervision required.

Get ready to toss some bean bags with this rustic style backyard favorite. A simple and fun game that provides hours of entertainment and looks great at any event!

This old-fashioned carnival shooting gallery will be the hit of your event! Players knock down the fairground ducks one at a time by shooting them with foam darts!

Fall/Harvest Carnival Games

Great looking games that really capture the atmosphere of Autumn and are a perfect addition to Harvest and Fall Festivals.

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Send plush gourds flying through the sky with our giant sling! Hurl pumpkins to hit the turkey targets!

It's skeeball with bushel baskets! Roll and toss tomatoes, apples, pumpkins and other faux harvest produce! Both fun to play and watch.

Chuck and toss rubber chickens through wreath hoops. It's like javelin launch, but totally hilarious to hear the chickens squawk!

Try to toss the hoops, one at a time, over the scarecrows. Get three in a row to win!

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The objective is to knock the turkey’s feathers down! Turkey makes a funny “gobble gobble” sound!

Toss eggs in through the barn window and watch the hen shoot out eggs into her basket! Hilarious fun.

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 Halloween Games 

Get into the spirit of the spooky season! These games bring a creepy carnival-like atmosphere right to your spooky celebration! 

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Players roll the heads {balls} up the ramp and into the one of the cauldrons to win!

Players use a rubber mallet and catapult to launch all of the brew's ingredients: a rat, frog, newt, spider and skull into the large cauldron.

Try to toss all kinds of bugs through the giant spider web! But don't let them get caught by the giant spider!

Take part in the great battle to rescue humanity and save the world! When zombies strike, blast away one at a time with our specially designed zombie shooter. Realistic zombie noises!

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Roll up and try your hand and eye on our creepy hoopla game. Toss the chain rings round the skulls to score!

Our 5-hole mini course is great for kids of all ages. It features a creepy clown, tombstones, coffins and ghoulish glowing in UV lighting at night!

A ghoulish version of the very popular fish bowl game, but with a spooky twist using eyeballs, dark fish and glowing lights!

Nothing is more iconic than a Pirate’s hook, so toss yer’ ring onto one of the tantalizing curved blades to score some treasure!

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 Winter Holiday Games



If you are planning a Winter Carnival, Holiday Kids Party or Christmas Carnival, check out these unique winter themed games that are fun for kids and adults too!

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Be merry and mini putt your way through a festive game of golf with snowmen, reindeer, candy canes, trees and even a gingerbread house!

Realistic battery operated trout and pike swim around in our icy pond. Lure them in with real fishing poles!

Practice your aim and toss tinsel rings around one of the 4 friendly Christmas characters! It just takes one tinsel to tango!

Help our penguin friends collect their dinner! Toss realistic rubber fish into the penguin’s baskets!

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Daily rental is 6 hours with a minimum $75 in games/activities in order to reserve. Weekday reservations (between 9am-4pm) must meet the minimum rental amount of $200.


Additional hours needed will incur extra fees.

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