Affordable event services

Custom Media Designs

From flyers, banners and Facebook pages, we can create fully custom designs that help represent your event or cause in a professional and fun way!

Business Forms & Applications


Event Planning

Get assistance with creating professional, appealing, next-generation printable or online registration forms and applications.

We can create an optimized mobile friendly website for your event or business with easy social media integration!

We plan birthdays, festivals, fairs, craft fairs and more. We work to coordinate the layout of activities, food, entertainment, games, solicit vendors, etc.


Custom Media Designs

We offer appealing, fun and unique custom print and online media designs with your event, project or company’s image in mind! We can create various types of print designs including flyers, banners, posters and logos and turn your ideas into reality.

Print Media

  • Flyers

  • Posters

  • Banners

  • Coupons

  • Photo advertisements

 Online Media

  • Facebook media posts

  • Digital Announcements 

8.5x11 Flyer Print Prices:

COLOR 32 lb Gloss or Satin - 40¢ per sheet

COLOR 36 lb Gloss - 45¢ per sheet

COLOR 80 lb Matte- 60¢ per sheet

(minimum 100 sheets)


11x17 Poster Print Prices:

COLOR 32 lb - $1.25 per sheet

COLOR 36 lb - $1.50 per sheet

COLOR 80 lb - $2.00 per sheet

(requires to be added to min. flyer order)


Vinyl Banner Print Prices:

1x8 -  $40       1x10 - $50      1x12 - $60

2x3 -  $25       2x10 - $75      2x12 - $90


ADD: windflaps, lamination or double hem

Facebook Page Design & Launch

Marketing on Facebook helps your event gain more attention or a business to build lasting relationships with people and find new customers! Good customer service is good social media marketing! Create a Facebook Fan Page as a way to keep in touch with your customers and to gain the ability to respond quickly to customers’ comments, feedback and questions.


Services include:

  • Complete page design and launch

  • Establish connection with local like-minded organizations

  • Design information tabs

  • Design promotional photos for circulation

  • Networking & promotion of page

  • Create Ads



Marketing Materials for Events & Businesses

Great designs will make your marketing materials fun, professional and more enjoyable to read. Whether you’re interested in marketing brochures, newsletters, direct mail piece, business cards, etc., we can assist in creating your vision! Compelling materials effectively communicates important information about an upcoming event, a community cause or a company’s products or services. 

  • Business cards

  • Logos

  • Letterheads

  • Press releases

  • Email marketing

  • Brochures

  • Infographics

  • Catalogues

  • Newsletters

  • Direct mail pieces

Services Provided:


Registration Forms & Applications

For some events or other establishments, it's likely that you may have to create a variety of different types of registration forms or applications. We can assist with creating professional, appealing, next-generation printable or online forms. Applicants could have a one-click print option, or use of digital forms which come straight to your email! This makes the application process for vendors, volunteers, staff or other registrants an ease, and keeps you organized!


Have an upcoming event or just launched a new business and need a new or updated website? Websites are wonderful tools for audience engagement, even before your actual event or grand opening. A compelling event site drives attendance and increases excitement. We can create an optimized mobile friendly website with easy social integration! One click Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube! One click contact, application and reservation forms! Work with our us to help create the best small business or event web design for you!

Services Provided:


  • Basic Web Design Services

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Domain registration

  • Mobile friendly version

  • e-Commerce integration


Event & Party Planning

Whether you’re planning a business event, company holiday party, school carnival, summer picnic, church function, block party, social gathering, craft fair or graduation party, we can assist! We help with all types of planning for events from informal family get-togethers, small business events, formal commemorative events to baby showers and elegant parties. The best events are the ones that are coordinated completely and run smoothly and efficiently! We carefully consider budget because we understand that every event is an investment. We go all out with Halloween, Christmas, Fall Festivals, Summer Luau, end-of-school parties--whatever you can dream up!

Easy Planning Steps:


  • Set a budget and find a venue

  • Create a Theme

  • Plan the Food, Music & Entertainment

  • Help to arrange your layout and set-up your event

Birthday Parties

OK! So, we totally LOVE shindigz that involve children, and one of our favorite type of special events are parties!! Whether it's for a first birthday or a special event for an older child, we can help you throw the ultimate kids extravaganza! We offer creative ideas for unique themes, amazing budget friendly decorations, quick-and-easy party favors, delicious food, fun kids' games, awesome music and entertainment that will guarantee your child's celebration is a blast!


     Kids Party Planning Includes:

  • Decorations & Supplies

  • Fun Games

  • Activities & Crafts

  • Music & Entertainment

  • Food/Menu

  • Invitations





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