Blue/White Tent

$55 Daily or $100 Weekend

carnival tents, tent rentals, kids

red/White Tent

$55 Daily or $100 Weekend

green/White Tent

$55 Daily or $100 Weekend

yellow/White Tent

$55 Daily or $100 Weekend

kids parties, party planner, party supplies
party supplies, kids parties, event rentals
event promotion, services, flyers, websites

tent Features:


  • Durable steel frame

  • Heavy-duty polyester cover

  • 10' x 10' Footprint

  • 9' 6" Center Height

  • Water and UV resistant

  • Fire Retardant 



Nothing lends a festive touch to a social gathering like a striped pop-up tent! Our pop-up canopy tents are eye catching and visually appealing! They instantly give the feeling of a carnival setting with their vibrant stripes and vivid colors. At 10x10ft, they are great as carnival game stations, ticket booths or concession stands.

tent Rail Skirts


Side walls are great for creating a ticket booth or carnival game station, and concealing items under tables while still presenting a clean professional appearance.

$15 for 4 walls


Mega Rally Race

This inflatable track is a fun challenge and is great for team races of all ages! Kids will be revved up for the Mega Rally inflatable race track, all the way to the checkered flag finish!


$500 daily rental (5 hours)



A colorful, inflatable sprinkler is the perfect way for kids to play & cool off on hot summer days! It's 8.5 ft tall and often creates a "REAL RAINBOW"! Refreshing, fun and big enough for the whole family!


$60 daily rental (5 hours)

Foam Party Machine


Foam parties are without a doubt one of the most popular kind of parties on the planet! Be on the cutting edge of fun and entertainment for your next party, festival, dance or youth group!  Foam is non-toxic. Safe for eyes.


$125 daily rental (2 hours)

Snowman Machine


Surprise and amaze your guests with this fun snow blower! The snowman is perfect for accenting entrances to venues, snow themed parties, or creating an instant Winter wonderland! Snow is non-toxic. Safe for eyes.


$125 daily rental (2 hours)


Cash box

A portable cash box is very useful for events handling money transactions.


     $5 Daily Rental    

a frame signicade

Signs posted in strategic locations are an important element of good promotional organization. Whether its room signs, informational displays, or directional signs, sandwich boards are a great option!


$15 Daily Rental

Pennant flags

Pennant strings are a great way to catch people's attention by creating a cheerful atmosphere. They flutter and fly in the wind, catch the sunlight and creates an instant festive feel.


$10 daily rental/per 100ft

pa sound system

Sound system rental for indoor or outdoor events. Comes with optional music playlist for themed events.


$75 daily rental


Want your event to really stand out? Our banners are an affordable and effective way to advertise and promote your big event! People can see the sign from the road! We offer appealing designs for different seasonal events.

All banners are 12.5 ft wide and 2.5 ft tall and can be hung on buildings or posts.


$25 daily rental


Download it here


Download it here

Daily rental varies from 2 to 6 hours depending on the rental equipment. Additional hours needed will incur extra fees. Weekend rates available for certain rentals.

Please read our complete carnival game rental terms and conditions HERE


To reserve games, party rentals or the barrel train, please complete the booking form HERE


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